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How You Could Save Water this Holiday Season!

Posted on by Carlos

We know it’s tough to think about saving water and being green when friends and family are snuggled together around the fireplace, but Christmas is a great time to start a few water-saving traditions at your next festive gathering. We all know water is our most precious resource, and most Americans want to do their part to ensure their community has a reliable source of water supply for many holidays to come…but we hate to be inconvenienced, right? Well, here are a few ideas of how you can make saving water part of the holiday fun.

– How about stuffing stockings this year with green items like efficient shower heads and reusable water bottles, or perhaps a pair of Levi’s Water<Less Jeans.

– Pier One makes a ton of cute graphic tablecloths and hand towels that you can use as reusable gift wrapping. Gifts still look great under the tree and make a practical part of the present.

– Use customized holiday charms to identify glasses at parties so people can use the same one which reduces the amount of glasses you’ll need to wash.

– Consider a bowl of glittery ornaments or fruit as your table centerpiece instead of vases of cut flowers.

– Serve up dinner treats directly on people’s plates vs. using giant platters to reduce dishwashing.

– When washing veggies and fruits for dinner, consider rinsing over a tub and then reusing the water for your holiday plants or Christmas tree.

Do you have an idea of how to save water? Make sure you comment below, and happy holidays!

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