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Analysis: Investor-Owned Water Utilities Deliver Exceptionally Safe Water

Posted on by nawcadmin

The October issue of American Water Intelligence includes a new analysis of Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) compliance, revealing that investor-owned utilities (IOUs) have an exceptional track record of providing safe drinking water to their customers. Specifically, the new analysis showed that only nine IOUs had heath violations in the past five years – about one tenth of 1% of the total number of violations nationally.

“A comprehensive historical analysis by American Water Intelligence (AWI) of U.S. community water systems has shown that the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) compliance record of major companies in the private water utility sector has remained nearly spotless for the past several years, and investor-owned water firms have consistently been head-and-shoulders above municipal utilities and smaller, local water companies when it comes to avoiding health-related drinking water violations.

NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane said private water companies’ near-spotless record is in part the result of how they must be run as businesses….Private water firms simply cannot afford to let their records slip, he said.

‘We hold a public trust when we are responsible for delivering safe water, and we take it very seriously,’ Deane said. ‘If we’re not providing that safe, reliable water as an essential service and product, then it’s not a sustainable business in the long run.’”

AWI’s analysis focused on the community water systems – which supply water to the same population year-round – included in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SDWA database.

Read the full article here (registration required).

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